Cheryl Polakow Knight
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Really like your contemporary work; especially love the flower paintings!
Philo Barnhart - 10 Jan 2021
Just beautiful paintings! I want to spend more time looking, but we’re in a moving vehicle at the moment! I’ll be back!
Philo Barnhart - 21 Feb 2019
Fantastic! So glad you finally did this--I recognize many of the pieces you did while we were painting together... Great work--keep it up!
Beverly Weber - 11 Sep 2012
Cheryl - What a beautiful website. You continue to be an amazing artist. We're honored to have several pieces of your artwork hanging in our house.
David - 4 Sep 2012
Nice website! All of your work looks great!
jenica - 4 Sep 2012
Cheryl - I continue to be in awe of your beautiful artwork. - Marilyn
Marilyn - 4 Sep 2012
Simply beautiful!!
Nadine Cain - 3 Sep 2012
How professional!! Can you include more of your beautiful children's illustrations?
Dolly - 28 Aug 2012
love the work! any for sale?
michael - 19 Aug 2012
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